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Specialist Testing and Investigation


Condition Assessments

Condition Assessment and Durability Monitoring

Corrosion related distress in buildings and structures can manifest in many forms. Typical examples might be cracking and spalling in concrete structures, displacement or staining of a masonry fa├žades or perforation of sheet and tubular piling. CCSL can devise a suitable investigation and or monitoring regime to suit your asset.

Through a combination of desk study, visual assessment and established destructive and non-destructive techniques CCSL can determine the likely cause of deterioration, provide an estimate of time to failure using established models and provide recommendations to repair and restore your structure in line with your budget and requirements.

Via association with Advitam, CCSL can provide bespoke monitoring systems for existing and new build structures using patented monitoring devices developed in house which can be monitored directly or remotely using state-of-the-art telemetry to enable accurate real time assessment of the corrosion condition of your structure.