Corrosion Control Services Limited

Corrosion Control Services Limited is a specialist subcontractor consultancy in the field of corrosion control of metals in concrete, masonry, soils and natural waters. CCSL can provide survey, investigation, and specialist consultancy services for civil, building, ports and oil and gas structures world wide.
  • Specialist Testing
  • Design & Consultancy
  • Material Supply
  • Installation

Specialist Testing.

Corrosion related distress in buildings and structures can manifest in many forms.

Typical examples might be cracking and spalling in concrete structures, displacement or staining of a masonry façades or perforation of sheet and tubular piling. CCSL can devise a suitable investigation and or monitoring regime to suit your asset.


Design & Consultancy.

For clients and consultants this will typically require the development of a conceptual design. This can be presented in the form of a performance specification or outline design, for incorporation in a tender package for pricing and development by contractors.

Bridge and crane

Material Supply.

CCSL provide specialist cathodic protection materials for steel in concrete, natural water and soils for all environments.

Data sheets are available on request.

Materials warehousing


In cooperation with our parent company Freyssinet Ltd, CCSL can offer all the knowledge and technical excellence of a specialist corrosion consultancy, and the global reputation and experience of specialist repairs contractors, through offices around the globe.


Professional Cathodic Protection

Design - Install - Commission - Monitoring - Testing

Corrosion Control Services Limited (CCSL) is a specialist consultancy in the investigation and diagnosis of corrosion related deterioration.

For more information on our services, call us today on +44 (0)1952 230 900 or head over to our contact page.



CCSL delivers innovative, sustainable and appropriate solutions, while providing customers with the best technical and commercial outcome. Utilising its specialist knowledge and experience in corrosion prevention, the CCSL team offers a professional service at competitive prices, ensuring works are completed safely and to a high standard.

Design & Material Supply

We provide specialist materials including galvanised steel to prevent stress corrosion cracking & rust. For a full list of materials, check our online data sheets.

Consultancy & Technical

Technical support is provided by our in-house engineers, ensuring an action-focused response to corrosion issues & practical cathodic protection advice.

Free Inspections

For a free inspection, or on site quote for one of our services, call us on today on +44 (0)1952 230 900.

CP Monitoring

CCSL can provide bespoke monitoring systems for existing & new build structures using patented monitoring devices developed in house.

Surveys & Inspections

Professional assessments, testing & reporting services are available, undertaking inspections of steel framed buildings & reinforced concrete structures.

Cathodic Protection

Corrosion Control uses the latest technology for the assessment & installation of cathodic protection solutions.

Our Specialist Team.

CCSL engineers are certified to EN ISO 15257 and experienced in the design, installation, commissioning and monitoring of electro-chemical treatments, which include impressed current cathodic protection systems, galvanic anode systems and hybrid anode systems.

In addition, they provide on-site supervision, documentation and advice on installation requirements for cathodic protection systems.

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