New Bridge For Genoa Following The Morandi Disaster

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A new bridge has been constructed in Genoa to replace the Morandi structure that collapsed in August 2018, following a heavy storm that saw a steel-reinforced concrete cable stay break, bringing down a supporting tower and a 210m section of the bridge.

Cracks in the concrete of the Morandi meant the steel contained within began to corrode not long after construction finished and by the end of the 90s, the damage was so bad that refurbishment work was necessary, the BBC reports.

The new bridge, designed by Renzo Piano, contains robots and sensors that monitor the structure constantly, carrying out basic maintenance work as and when required. Some 2,000 solar panels provide the necessary energy. The reconstruction of the new bridge took just one year to build from scratch, with work ongoing even during the pandemic.

Mr Piano, whose other designs include the Pompidou Centre in Paris and The Shard in London, said of the Morandi: “When I got the news, I was paralysed. The Morandi bridge was for me a fantastic, brave example of engineering – beautiful, everybody loved it. But everybody was also a bit frightened by the fragility of the bridge.”

In April this year, another bridge in Italy collapsed, as well, with two van drivers escaping serious injury. Motorists had apparently reported a crack in the bridge following bad weather in November 2019, with repair work and an inspection carried out before the structure was given the all clear.

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