Corrosion Protection Paint To Be Used to Save Creagan Bridge

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Work to repaint Creagen Bridge with a corrosion-preventing material on the A828 in Scotland has begun, to protect steel sections of the bridge from corroding.

BEAR Scotland, who are undertaking the painting work, have claimed that impact to road users of the Creagan Bridge will be minimised by ensuring most of the painting work takes place underneath the road itself, according to the Oban Times.

The process to protect the bridge involves removing all the existing paintwork over the steel parts of the bridge, before coating the structure with a new protective layer that works to stop corrosion or deterioration of the bridge for the next 20 years.

To minimise disruption as much as possible, a specialist scaffolding arrangement with an under-bridge platform is to be set up to ensure painting teams can work from underneath the bridge as much as feasibly possible.

The scaffolding set up will cause disruption on a short section of road under the south-most point of the bridge. If work is being done at both sides of the bridge simultaneously, BEAR have noted there may need to be two sets of temporary traffic lights to ensure road users will be safe when attempting to access the bridge.

The work is set to take up to six months, with the intention to prevent corrosion based issues before they can begin, which is the most cost-effective strategy for corrosion control and avoiding expensive repairs years down the line.

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