Inverness Infirmary Footbridge Requires urgent Repairs

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The 83m suspension Infirmary footbridge in Inverness may need to close for public safety, as it’s in need of urgent repairs to the tune of at least £500,000, with the rate of deterioration now being closely monitored.

The category B listed structure crosses the River Ness between Ness Walk and Ness Bank, and features wrought iron trusses supported by steel hangers and cables, and wrought iron lattice work… and it’s more than 140 years old.

But councillors have now been informed that there is currently no capital budget available for the bridge, so a plan is now in development to try and secure funding for the repairs.

Helen Carmichael, provost of Inverness and area, said: “Public safety is paramount and Members’ support a temporary closure of the Infirmary Bridge until a funding solution can be found for its repairs.”

Corrosion is a big threat to bridges and can reduce the strength of different parts of the structures, even if the metal itself looks stable. Damaged bridges may not be able to handle the loads they were initially designed to support, so it’s important to test corroded parts of bridges and replace them as and when required.

Prevention is always better than cure, so regular inspections are necessary to identify initial signs of damage. This can help prevent more expensive repairs later down the line. Inspections should also be carried out on infrastructure underneath bridges, such as hangars and seals.

If you do discover any problems and need any help, get in touch with us today for assistance with corrosion repair today.

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