Wrecked Fife Coastal Path Bridge To Be Replaced

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A formal planning application that details the design of a new bridge to replace one destroyed by storms and flooding in 2020 has been submitted to Fife Council’s planning department.

The Courier reports that the Fife Coastal Path footbridge in Aberdour was destroyed by severe flooding in 2020, after a month’s worth of rain fell in Fife in August 2020, causing extensive damage across the region.

The footbridge connects Black Sands and Silver Sands beaches via the harbour, spanning Dour Brun. Abutments, sections now the bank, and support structures were washed away by the extreme flooding.

It has left the popular stretch of coastal path inaccessible except during low tides, when stepping stones, usually submerged beneath the harbour waters, can be used.

Following the completion of a complex structural and environmental survey in April, and delays caused by the pandemic, formal plans for a new crossing have been submitted.

The plans detail an increase to the span of the bridge, from five to seven metres, which will strengthen the structure and reduce the risk of failure in the future. Replacement abutments will be fabricated from mass concrete while wing walls will be installed on either side of the abutments to provide additional protection and support and to direct the flow of water.

It has also been proposed that the replacement bridge be constructed from a corrosion-resistant fibre reinforced polymer, which would give the bridge an expected lifespan of around 120 years.

Ian Fleming, the chairman of Aberdour Community Council, described the news as a ‘major and much-welcomed step forward’.

“A replacement bridge can’t come soon enough not only for residents but for the many visitors to Aberdour,” he said.

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