Design & Consultancy.

Conceptual & Pre-tender Design

Detailed Design

Monitoring & Maintenance

Performance Assessment

Site Supervision

Conceptual Pre Tender Design

Conceptual and Pre-tender Design

Once a repair or treatment has been a selected a design is required to enable pricing and implantation of the scheme.

For clients and consultants this will typically require the development of a conceptual design which can be presented in the form of a performance specification or outline design for incorporation in a tender package for pricing and development by contractors.

At this stage main contractors will typically employ a specialist contractor to develop and price the conceptual design such that they provide the most competitive but compliant offer available.

CCSL can provide support to clients, consultants and contractors alike in the development assessment and pricing of such schemes.

Detailed Design

Detailed design takes the conceptual design from an outline to a design with sufficient detail that it can manufactured, installed, commissioned and operated to the requirements of the specification.

A detailed design developed by CCSL will incorporate following:

  1. Specification
  2. Calculation
  3. Drawings
  4. Materials Requirements

The level of detail and documentation will depend on the requirements of the contract and treatment involved.

Detailed Bridge Design

Operation, Monitoring and Maintenance

Monitoring and Maintenance

The number one failure of cathodic protection and electrochemical repair systems is a lack of long term monitoring and maintenance. In particular cathodic protection systems tend to go unmonitored following the contractor operated period therefore negating the investment made in the system.

CCSL have experience with a host of proprietary remote and manual monitoring and control systems, and can provide a regime to operate, monitor and maintain any system that is within a reasonable state of repair.

Where a system is in a condition where it cannot be reasonably operated we can devise an appropriate repair and replacement scheme to return your system to commission-able condition.

Audits and Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

Some times it is necessary to obtain a second opinion on the performance of certain corrosion control solutions.

Through our ISO 9001 accredited quality system we can offer independent opinion on the performance of your corrosion control system and provide recommendation on how to enhance performance in the future.

ISO 9001
Site Supervision

Site Supervision, Testing, Commissioning and Documentation

Site Supervision

CCSL can provide personnel with experience of an array of treatment techniques and site environments.

With our guidance we can ensure that your contract is installed, tested and commissioned to the requirements of your repair specification by providing experienced personnel trained to recognised standards to oversee the day-to-day operations of your repair scheme.

CCSL can develop bespoke inspection and test plans with approval forms tailored to your site and contract requirements. By employing CCSL you will ensure that every aspect of your installation is tested and commissioned to the full requirements of your repair specification.

Once installed CCSL can help document your installation and ensure that as-built information is accurate and suitable for the requirements of your client.

CCSL have provided support to sites around the world, for urban, industrial, desert and tropical environments. For oil and gas, defence and nuclear industries CCSL have personnel trained to NACE and EN standards who understand the requirements of your contract.