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Design & Consultancy


Site Supervision

Site Supervision, Testing, Commissioning and Documentation

CCSL can provide personnel with experience of an array of treatment techniques and site environments.

With our guidance we can ensure that your contract is installed, tested and commissioned to the requirements of your repair specification by providing experienced personnel trained to recognised standards to oversee the day-to-day operations of your repair scheme.

CCSL can develop bespoke inspection and test plans with approval forms tailored to your site and contract requirements. By employing CCSL you will ensure that every aspect of your installation is tested and commissioned to the full requirements of your repair specification.

Once installed CCSL can help document your installation and ensure that as-built information is accurate and suitable for the requirements of your client.

CCSL have provided support to sites around the world, for urban, industrial, desert and tropical environments. For oil and gas, defence and nuclear industries CCSL have personnel trained to NACE and EN standards who understand the requirements of your contract.