Innovation Awards Entry

Cathodic protection specialists Corrosion Control Services Limited (CCSL) form part of the Soletanche Freyssinet Group, a name that is respected worldwide for delivering sound, safe, effective solutions to problems and challenges pushing the envelope of civil and structural engineering achievement.

Soletanche Freyssinet belong to the Vinci Group, the world’s leading concessions, construction and related services group.

The VINCI Innovation Awards Competition was first organised in 2001, in order to develop the group’s creative potential by turning employees’ innovations to good account.

It has run every two years since then and is open to all employees, with an aim of ensuring that full use is made of innovations and to disseminate them throughout the Group.

Prizes are awarded in the following categories:

  • Equipment and Tools
  • Processes and Techniques
  • Materials
  • Management
  • Marketing and Services
  • Dissemination

This year CCSL, along with its sister company in Freyssinet Ltd, have submitted an entry to the awards based on a new method of installation of anode ribbon on cathodic protection projects.

This new method for cutting chases was used on the Forth Road Bridge, and ensured fast installation that reduced time on site and hand arm vibration.

This simple but innovative change to an operational methods has resulted in a number of different improvements to CCSL’s large scale chasing operations, in terms of safety, aesthetics and commercially.

The entry is currently being analysed and will hopefully be selected as one of the best innovations in the region and go forward to the grand final.

The competition takes place in two stages: at regional level first and then at Group level. The competition is divided into 10 regions in France and around the World, each of which awards regional prizes and selects the projects that will participate in the grand final.

To participate in the Innovation Awards Competition, employees submit their innovations and the projects are then studied by regional selection committees. The best projects shortlisted by experts are presented to the jury, comprising equal numbers of personalities from within and outside the region, who vote independently on the 10 to 15 innovations of their choice.

Employees are rewarded at both regional level and in the final competition, with prizes ranging from €1,000 to €6,000 to be shared equally between the winners.

The Innovation Awards Competition has a number of goals: to identify innovations, encourage their dissemination throughout VINCI and present an external image of an innovative and dynamic group.

As part of both the Vinci and Soletanche Freyssinet Groups, CCSL are committed to continuing with research and development to improve our competitiveness and open the way to new markets.